Argentine Association of Audiovisual Sound Professionals

Premio ASA a Mejor Sonido – 38° Festival de Mar del Plata

Premio ASA a Mejor Sonido – 38° Festival de Mar del Plata

JURADXS 🔔✨ Presentamos a lxs juradxs del Premio ASA en el 38º Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata ▪️ Roberta Ainstein. Diseñadora de sonido y música. Ganadora de la Mención Especial del Premio ASA en el Festival de Mar del...

Charla CAPER 2023: El Sonido en ARGENTINA, 1985

Charla CAPER 2023: El Sonido en ARGENTINA, 1985

En el marco de CAPER 2023, se llevará a cabo esta actividad organizada por ASA en conjunto con la AES (Audio Engineering Society) acerca de los procesos creativos y técnicos del sonido de la película Argentina, 1985.

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About Us

We are a group of Audiovisual Sound Professionals that proposed ourselves to form an Association that represents and supports us professionally as a group, and that occupies a place within the spectrum of Associations linked to the audiovisual industry.

Among our objectives, we seek to: value and give hierarchy to our profession, improve our working conditions, promote spaces for training and exchange of knowledge, establish a network that fosters communication among colleagues, and generate a fluid dialogue with other Associations, Institutes (INCAA), and Unions (SICA and SAT).

We wish to establish ourselves from a place where the priority is to join efforts. Where we can open up the debate and incorporate the fine and broad aspects of our work. We seek a common goal, that is collectively constructed, by expressing our interests and participating on different levels.

As we want ASA to be a democratic, participatory and representative organization, we welcome all of our colleagues without exclusion (audiovisual sound trainees and those in training, professionals and students).

Board of Directors


Mercedes Tennina


Santiago Fumagalli


Lucas Larriera


Sebastián González



Gisela Levin
Leyla de la Hoz
Francisco Rizzi
Santiago Zecca
Mercedes Gaviria Jaramillo



Victoria Franzán


Mercedes Gaviria Jaramillo
Santiago Zecca
María Elisa Canobra






Active Member

* Voice and vote in all Assemblies.

*Requirements: must be 18 (eighteen) years or older and account for at least 2 years of professional development in the audiovisual sound field.


Supporting Member

** Voice but no vote in the Assemblies.

**Persons 18 (eighteen) years or older, who have not yet reached 2 years of professional development in the field.


Student Member

Sin experiencia en el ámbito. Deben comprobar que son alumnos regulares de escuelas o universidades afines al medio. No tiene voz ni voto en las Asambleas.